By John Voket

Large or small, a balcony is first and foremost, a place to enjoy fresh air and elevated views. Decorating these outdoor spaces can be challenging, especially if your balcony is small.

A recent item at reviewed several small balcony decorating ideas that create cozy outdoor rooms while stretching and connecting your interior design with nature.

According to the site, home decorating fabrics and textiles, planters with flowers and plants, combined with compact and comfortable outdoor furniture, create gorgeous small spaces that are charming and welcoming. Flowering plants and floral designs, green leaves patterns and fruit ornaments add color, texture and stunning look to small spaces turning them into peaceful and attractive retreats.

Succulents are another great choices for outdoor living spaces. Small balconies decorated with these plants look lush and pleasant.

Bright flowers, especially red flowers are great for small balcony decorating, taking the attention from really small spaces. While fabrics and textiles, space saving outdoor furniture and decor accessories in bright colors have lots of advantages, creating energetic, restive and exciting outdoor living spaces.

Combined with neutral colors used for walls, vivid accents look alive, youthful and playful, complimenting flowering plants, floral designs, green leaves patterns, fruit ornaments, stripes, unique shapes and textures.

A strategically placed outdoor floor rug helps define your small outdoor seating area in attractive, inexpensive and convenient way. Or just painting a rug like pattern is another simple way to enhance small balcony design and create a cozy, inviting outdoor seating areas.

Balcony decorating in Mediterranean style is another modern trends in home decorating, the site notes. A small table and chairs add a wonderful vibe to home staging and allow to enjoy the opportunity to dine in the open air.

Finally, simple outdoor lighting improve the functionality of outdoor living spaces. Outdoor lighting fixtures add a contemporary flair and a welcoming look to small outdoor rooms while making them safer and more comfortable. Wind chimes and small water fountains are great additions to patio and balcony designs that bring a natural feel into your home and help create tranquil outdoor living spaces.

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